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Woocommerce Tripletex API

Transfter Order/invoice Woocommerce Store to Tripletex

You have two options transfter order/invoice Woocommerce Store to Tripletex

Option : 1

Go to Tripletex Account and select our service webexpressen Tripletex API from your marketplace. After select our service you redirect : https://webexpressen.no/webextripletex
here you want to fillup form.
Given below sccrenshots are helpful for find out Woocommerce Consumer Key and Woocomerce Consumer Secret.

After successfull fillup information we will connect you with our plugin (Tripletex by Webexpressen.no)

For How to installtion plugin and more information see documentaion : Click Here

Option : 2

You will also purchase our plugin from here – https://www.webexpressen.no/product/tripletex-integrasjon-woocommerce/