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6 tip - Hvordan lage en effektiv landingsside

6 tips – How to make an effective landing page

A landing page is simply the first page a visitor comes to when they visit your site. The visitors to your site do not come to your front page first, as many may think. However, the front page is just one of many landing pages. In more than half of the cases, the visitors to your site come via a search engine and land on one of your subpages first. In several cases, visitors can come via a link pointing to the landing page, an ad, or by the search engine finding one of your landing pages most relevant and useful in relation to the search term of the user. Google has created its own user guide for how to rank landing pages in the search engine .

Example: If you search for “online store packages”, you will come to the first page of our website. However, if you search for «built-in marketing» and click on the Webexpressen organic ranking, you will not get to our front page, but to our landing page about «embedded marketing» .

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In the job of getting either new leads or sales, your landing pages are crucial. It is therefore important to know the purpose of the different landing pages.

How to create a landing page

Below we have come up with 6 tips on how to design an effective landing page.

1) Have a dedicated landing page purpose

A landing page should have a dedicated purpose and a clear message of what you want the user to do when he enters the page. You should therefore get to the point quickly and not make those who visit your site have to scroll around a lot.

Therefore, have a good and visible CTA (Call To Action) button on the website to make it easy and trigger the user to press the button. An example of a CTA can be a button to access the contact form, make an order or a registration form. With the visitors pressing this button, they move on in your sales process.

2) Convincing Headline

The user visiting your landing page came yours for a reason. Therefore, use clear headings that will capture the attention of the visitor. It is also important for the search engine to capture what the theme of your page is.

3) Relevant Content

For the visitor to the site, it is also important that the content is perceived as relevant. If the user experiences a lack of relevant content, may cause the reader to choose another provider. Also, do not force too much text or image onto your landing page. Highlight important text and work to make the text as clear as possible. Do you focus on good sales arguments, and do not go into every detail about the service or your product. Then you can trigger the reader’s interest to know more, which can lead to a greater probability that they press the CTA button.

4) Include your logo

Always place your logo on the landing page so that the visitor always knows where he / she is. If the visitor enters your page via a search engine or social media and does not know who the sender is, it can create confusion about where they are. Therefore, place your logo so that it is not what is most prominent on the page, but that they always understand where they are.

5) Avoid visual clutter

On your landing page, there should be only one button and that is the CTA button. Therefore, remove all navigational and distracting moments that may confuse the visitor to tap elsewhere. Thus, the visitor will only focus on the one thing you want the user to focus on on your landing page. Also make sure you have the button in a contrasting color that differs from the rest of the page. Then the person in question will also see where to print when, for example, they have filled in your form.

6) Always get better

Constantly test new landing pages using A / B testing to see which messages are best for your customers. Maybe you need to choose a different image, try a different CTA or design the text differently? In the design of the landing page, it is important that you are consistent when you choose which landing page to use based on the testing – it will increase the conversion.


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