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Inspiration, experiences and knowledge are shared with blogging!

There are many different blogs. Some are private and almost like a diary, while others are as much read as the largest newspapers. You can become an inspiration and source of learning for others through your blog – and you can make money from it! If anyone wants to read my blog, many are wondering. Some of them are among the biggest bloggers in Norway now.

Will anyone read my blog?

YES, OF COURSE THEY WANT TO READ! We collaborate with many bloggers and have some of the largest bloggers in Norway on our customer list. We also have the very small bloggers and those who have to start right from the start. Everyone has to start somewhere. Further down the page, we have set up some of the blogs we work with (some of the most read blogs in Norway such as and Get inspired and contact us to start your own blog! Everyone starts somewhere and we will help you to success.

Responsive design

All websites we build are responsive and mobile ready so that they work on mobile, tablet and desktop. You can choose from many different designs so that you find the one that suits you best.

Easy publishing

With websites from you get access to tools that make it easy and fun to publish on your new website.

Best in class support.

Our support device gives you the support you need when you need it. It is important when you focus on what you are best at. Check out our references.

Dominate in the search engines

Our search engine optimization (SEO) gives you higher rankings, which means more free traffic from Google and search engines. Basic SEO is included, from a technical perspective and we assist you on the content.

Why and how to create blogs and websites?

It is important to have good websites for blogging so that you reach out with your message. Several independent surveys show that over 80% of decision makers start searching online when they need to find products and services. With good websites for your blog, you will be visible and accessible to anyone who is interested in your products and services.

With us, it is easy to start the process with a new blog and website. Contact us for a closer dialogue or read more about our solutions and choose the one you want. We offer tailoring where we develop everything for the customer from start to finish.

We sell most websites based on one of thousands of design templates we customize. Others want to use our more ready-made solutions where you do most things yourself. Together we will find the solution that suits you!


Contact us to get started with the right choice for you.

Different layouts and designs.

We set up some different templates and designs related to industries etc. Here you can take a look at some demo pages we have set up that we can use as a starting point for your new websites. If you do not find something that fits, we have thousands of other designs to choose from.

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Funkygine, or Jørgine Vasstrand as she is called, is a fantastic raw girl who inspires many with her lively training blog.

Marna Haugen ( Versatile and generous blogs that share from their lives. One of the most read bloggers in Norway. -

One of the most popular bloggers in the “New” stable with a focus on exercise and diet in everyday life.

Pia Seeberg writes about food, exercise and everyday life, among other things. Follow this freshman of a girl who gives you many good tips.

Do not postpone until tomorrow what you can start today! Get in touch to start the dialogue for your web pages.

It costs nothing to dream – nor to have a dialogue or coffee with us!
Let us know from you to consider your desires for blogs and websites.


Non-binding dialogue about your wishes and needs. We will find out your wishes and a solution that suits you.

Avtale og rammer

Once we have agreed on an agreement that defines the solution and the delivery, we start the project in collaboration with you.

Design og utvikling

We design and develop solutions on a development server where you can continuously see how the project is going according to plan.

Test og livesetting

When we agree that the solution is ready, we test it again and post the solution so your customers can use it!


Get a project assistant

After you have registered your solution, you will have access to our department of trained specialists who are ready to help you up in rocket speed.

Choose one of our many design templates for a solution that suits you. Do you want this changed for something even more unique or special features? Vii can quickly help you with customizations and tailoring.

Quickly and easily add products, photos and description. Categories etc. Great flexibility and unlimited with possibilities to easily keep things nice and tidy.

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From ready-made templates to completely tailor-made, we have what it takes for a WOW effect on your visitors

30+ fantastic designs.

Your design your way.

Showcase your products.

We speak geek.

Features at your service.

Unlimited publishing.

Easy publishing and content management.


Choose the blog solution that best suits you and your needs.

    • kr 99 måned
      • Later admin panel
      • Social media integrated
      • Blog features and good publishing
      • 1 GB of storage
      • 1 GB monthly bandwidth

Best choice
    • kr 499 måned
      • All START features plus
      • Upgraded editor
      • 10 GB of Storage
      • 10 GB Manned Bundle
      • Domain Administration
      • 10 email counters

    • kr 999 måned
      • All START & Pro features plus
      • 100 GB of storage
      • 100 GB monthly bandwidth
      • Domain Administration
      • 100 Email Accounts

  • Customized
    • / Contact Us _
      • All Features Plus
      • Custom Web Design
      • Dedicated server
      • Unlimited storage
      • Unlimited monthly bandwidth
      • Unlimited Email Accounts


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It costs nothing to dream – nor to have a dialogue or coffee with us.
Let us know from you to set up your blog.

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