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Good marketing and the right tools are important for success, and we have a lot of tools and knowledge to help you.

Advanced features and tools to implement search engine optimization

After many years of experience, we know what SEO means and what it takes to succeed. You have access to good tools and functions so you can work with this yourself and we are happy to help you achieve your goals.

We give you features that other platforms omit, which means more traffic, better SERP and fine-tuned control. Tableless themes, 301 redirects and URL rewrites. Furthermore, editable robots.txt file, CSS and JavaScript files on fast web pages, Priority XML sitemaps like auto-feeds to Google are some points to consider.

Apps, modules, integrations and features provides functions and integrations that are important to your online store, blog or website. These can be api, apps, modules and other links that make the job easier for you, such as against newsletter solutions, Facebook, Instagram, Google, tripletex, e-conomic, Posten, Nets, Dibs, Klarna, Tollpost, PostNor Edi Soft, Consignor, Logistra, Bring and many many more. We are concerned about scalability and you can safely grow with us.

We develop tailor-made modules and integrations so that you get the solution the way you want it. We also have ready-made modules that are ready for use.

Unlike others, we give you tools that others add to. works with you and for you.


Microdata, rich snippets and feedback that can speed up business.

Micro data, rich snippets and product reviews can speed up search engine results. It is an important part of search and thus more visibility, traffic and sales. Microdata makes it possible to display additional information in the search results, based on information from the website’s microdata.

Google and other search engines are constantly changing their search engine ranking algorithm in relation to the user’s search. Both major and minor changes will affect the organic visibility of your web pages.


Let’s have a dialogue about what might be right for your project.

Our services and knowledge in optimization and growth.

Below we have highlighted some of our services. Feel free to contact us for a closer dialogue.

Email marketing

Sync customers with your Mailchimp, put your email marketing on autopilot.

You can set up automatic emails to promote products based on purchase history, like offering discounts on socks and laces to a customer who bought shoes.


Keep customers informed about company news, special offers

and new products by sending traffic-driving newsletters.

Google Shopping integration

Our built-in integration with Google Shopping allows you to

list your products with just a few clicks.

Location Targeting

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Increase social awareness.

In a single click, your shoppers can share their favorite products with friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. After completing their order, they can share their purchase on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Product comparison sites.

Have your products simultaneously listed on popular shopping comparison sites: Google Shopping Shopzilla Bizrate Beso Nextag PriceGrabber MySimon

Sell on Facebook.

Our free application, SocialShop, lets you set up a fully functional Facebook shop. Your fans can easily browse, buy and share products, all without ever leaving the site.

Save abandoned shopping carts.

It's sad, but true - more than 70% of all shopping carts are abandoned, which means a shopper puts a product in the basket but never completes the order.

Build your followers.

Make it easy for your shoppers to keep up with you by displaying beautiful social media icons at the bottom of every page. Select standard or theme-specific icons to display for services like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest and more.

Promotions and coupons.

Our sales tools help to create faster, increase awareness and create purchases. From simple sales to dynamic price rules that offer discounts for certain order amounts or customers, Webexpressen makes it all possible.

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