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About us

Create A Website Exactly The Way You Want It

With a little help from us, it does not take long before you can tailor and adapt the website to your needs

Take advantage of Digitization

The transition to a digital world can be overwhelming for many companies and it is perfectly normal to face challenges along the way. At Webexpressen, we do everything we can to make this transition as smooth as possible, so that you can quickly and easily take advantage of the benefits of going digital

Teamwork & Kultur

With us, we have an environment with a focus on that we and our customers will succeed when teamwork and team spirit are the heart of the culture in the workplace. We take these values with us when we consider and make choices, as well as in demanding situations so that we solve this in the best possible way.

Cross platform

Today, not only the computer is used to surf and shop online. About 40% of all online shopping today is done with a mobile phone. We make sure that your website works seamlessly and smoothly on tablets, mobile, smart TVs and all other platforms.

Our Skills

In Webexpressen we consist of people with different backgrounds and experiences but the same good values. Our team consists of skilled people in the most important areas within digitization, namely coding, social media, PR and marketing. Despite different fields of interest, we have a common denominator in our team spirit and ability to work together in the office. In this way, we work together and across each other on projects so that everything flows with as few complications as possible. We are motivated by satisfied customers and no one is too big or too small.

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