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Smart apps


Digital Marketing & other channels

We have good experience of integrating solutions with various social media, search engines and other channels so that you can view your service and product in the best possible way. There are many exciting and efficient ways to work where we can automate many tasks that were previously very time consuming.

Accounting & ERP

Modules and integrations with accounting, ERP, inventory management and logistics can make everyday life much easier and clearer so that you can spend the time creating a better store for your customers. We already have several modules ready, for example for Tripletex accounting and other useful integrations.


Integrated newsletter and automation

Take communications with your users and customers to the next level with an integrated automation solution where users receive personalized and customized content from you. Does that sound like a lot of work? we can automate this!

Analyzes, reports and tests

We can integrate analysis tools that give you all the information you need to run a successful business. For example, the tool Google analytics is free in the basic version and is an excellent starting point for information about your own website. combine analysis with various A / B tests and other test tools so you can build a fantastic user experience.