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Services and products that contribute to success

Our services and products

We have long and relevant experience with digital projects where we collaborate with our customers on everything from strategy, planning, development, design and security. As well as advertising, social media and search engine optimization.


We are happy to work on a separate developer server where you can follow the project.

Together we test the solution until it is approved to be put live.


All our packages have secure hosting and server operation. We also tailor solutions to a dedicated server.

Secure pages with certificate included. We also offer SLA agreements for larger customers.


Social media, marketing, search engine optimization and

analytics is an important part of the digital services we provide.


We optimize your ideas and wishes through the potential of the technical solution and

tailor where needed so that the solution is as you want.

Responsive design

All websites we build are responsive and mobile ready so that they work on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Search Engine Optimized

Our search engine optimization (SEO) gives you higher rankings, which means more free traffic from Google and search engines. Basic SEO is included, from a technical perspective and we assist you on the content.

SSL certificate included

SSL certificate that gives you secure pages is included when you have the solution with us in

Quick and easy support

Our support device gives you the support you need when you need it. It is important when you focus on what you are best at. Check out our references.

Payment solutions and integrations

We offer payment solutions, shipping integrations and other features for magento, WordPress and WooCommerce. Let's build your solution now.

Choose from many designs

You can choose from many different designs so that you find the one that suits you best. Mobile-friendly and responsive solutions.

Digital strategy and implementation

We want to help you realize your ideas and visions. We add strengthened strategy and impact through our expertise.

Cross-platform services

We provide services across intersecting platforms so that we find a solution that best suits your needs and desires. We make the systems talk to each other in a seamless way so that it is perceived as a solution.


Let us tailor your solution. Start today!

Tailored design and solutions

If you want to refresh or redesign your website, we are happy to help you. contact us for a non-binding conversation about your next digital project.

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Non-binding dialogue about your wishes and needs. We will find out your wishes and a solution that suits you.

Agreement and framework

Once we have agreed on an agreement that defines the solution and the delivery, we start the project in collaboration with you.

Design and development

We design and develop solutions on a development server where you can continuously see how the project is going according to plan.

Test and live setting

When we agree that the solution is ready, we test it again and post the solution so your customers can use it! T


Get your own project manager

After you have registered your solution, you will have access to our department of digital specialists who are ready to help you get up to rocket speed.

We help you with designs, functions and solutions that suit you.

Quickly and easily add products, photos and description. Great flexibility and unlimited with possibilities to easily keep things nice and tidy.

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We are here to help you either on the entire project from A to Z or with the individual parts you want to collaborate on. Start now, do not let the dream wait!

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