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Nå vil Google prioritere sikre nettsider

Google will now prioritize secure websites

For most players in today’s IT world, Internet security has become a high priority. Data hacking and extortion are becoming an increasing threat to online retailers around the world. A large proportion of online stores still do not encrypt their websites properly. One IT player that has undoubtedly put Internet security on the agenda is Google.

Already in 2014, Google introduced advanced encryption solutions for its Gmail service, and without fail, they created a dedicated “elite group” to take up the fight against cybercrime. In the ongoing work to ensure the safety of the many millions of people who use it every day, Google will in 2017 tighten even more on sites that are not secure and strike a new blow for HTTPS.

What is HTTPS?

In practice, Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a more secure version of HTTP, where all content sent and received is encrypted. An HTTPS session is encrypted using the SSL protocol. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and means that the data sent between you as a user and a website is encrypted. For example, if you fill out a form with your password or credit card information, the website will be the only one that can read this. At the same time, this applies the other way, where a website can send you sensitive information safely.

Initially, HTTP only focused on presenting the content requested by the user correctly, and did not care about how the data moved from A to B.

Websites that use HTTPS have a URL like “https: //” instead of “http: //”.

https: / /

Why use HTTPS / SSL?

Web users have the ability and can actually make sure that websites that use HTTPS and certificates are what they claim to be. You can see this by clicking on the padlock that often appears in the address bar when visiting different websites.

That Google has prioritize mobile-friendly pages is a well-known fact </ a >. But now Google has begun to prioritize sites that use HTTPS. It is therefore an extra big advantage of switching to HTTPS is that you will get a higher ranking in the search results. Using the SSL certificate increases the visibility of Google search by up to 5%.

Haven’t switched to HTTPS yet?

Contact us to investigate the security certificate and SSL / HTTPS setup options for your store.

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