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Slik kommer du i gang med nyhetsbrev!

How to get started with newsletters!

Are you considering starting to send out newsletters, but you do not quite know how to get started? There are several benefits that are worth noting when using newsletters in your marketing. Today, email marketing is one of the most effective things you can do to reach your customers without spending a lot of money.

Why use a newsletter

That so many online stores and websites are doing email marketing today is easy because it works so well. Newsletters are highly measurable, and significantly more effective at building customer loyalty than social media. </ strong> Today, email has become a means of communication for all age groups and has become comfortable to use.

Here are five simple and practical tips on how to get started with your newsletter to increase customer loyalty, sales and the impression of your company.

1) Make it easy to sign up for your newsletter

Make it easy to sign up for your newsletter. Post a registration form on your website, blog, social media, store and where your customers are already active and present. In addition, you should highlight the benefit new subscriptions will get by signing up for your newsletter. This can for example be “Get 10% on the next purchase” or “Receive the e-book in…” or that they can “Stay up to date on the latest within ..”. Also remember to avoid overly long registration forms. This can scare people away from signing up.

2) Send a welcome email

It is always a good idea to remind those who have signed up why they are on your list and what they can expect from information. In addition, you can send new subscribers a special offer or exclusive content to thank for their loyalty.

3) Relevant Content

Many newsletter services offer features such as segmenting the recipients and placing them in different groups based on previous purchase history, location etc. This will help you make the content of your newsletters more relevant to the who reads and receives them. If your store is going to have a sale, you can e.g. send a campaign only to people who live in the immediate area, because subscribers who live far away do not need to know about it. We also look at previous statistics that segmented campaigns have an average 14.99% increase in newsletter click-through rates than non-segmented campaigns.

At the same time, it is important to ensure that the newsletter has value for those who receive it. The newsletters you send should therefore be inspiring, informative and entertaining for your subscribers. Short and concise newsletters usually work best as it is important that the recipient quickly understands what it is about and the benefit of living the newsletter.

4) Think mobile friendliness

Very many people today use mobile devices when reading mail. According to our own figures, over 50% of the previous newsletter was opened on mobile. Therefore, think about how your newsletter appears on different devices. Many newsletter services offer to test what the newsletter looks like in different email programs and on different devices before sending them out. If a newsletter is not optimized for mobile devices, we can promise you that your next newsletters will not have the same effect.

5) Remember Marketing Law!

Remember to read the Marketing Act to avoid problems. Many unsuspecting people send spam because they do not know better. According to the Marketing Act, e-mail is prohibited if you have not received consent or there is no existing customer. On the other hand, e-mail to companies registered in Brønnøysund is permitted, such as the post @, company @ address law. In addition, many newsletter providers will refuse you to send out emails if you can not explain that the recipient has consented. Finally, in your newsletter, it is also important to include a visible “unsubcribe” link to give recipients an opportunity to unsubscribe.

Need help setting up a newsletter? Get in touch and we will be happy to help you get started.

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