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That is why good return solutions are important! > Online store  > That is why good return solutions are important!
Derfor er gode returløsninger viktig!

That is why good return solutions are important!

More and more individuals and companies are shopping online today. According to figures from Bring, Norwegian online shopping is growing twice as fast as physical shopping. It is therefore becoming increasingly important for you who run an online store to stand out in order to succeed with the online store. But how do you as an online store operate to succeed?

One of the most important tips to increase your conversion rate and gain new customers is to succeed with customer service. This will increase the chance that customers will talk warmly about you on social media and recommend you to their acquaintances. Today, 8 out of 10 consumers prefer to shop in an online store that gives them relevant, good information and good pictures about the product they want to buy. At the same time, according to recent figures from Bring , 5 out of 10 customers returned an item they purchased online. But the fact that your customer returns your product does not necessarily mean that they are dissatisfied.

Most consumers today know that it can mean sending goods back when shopping for things online. For this reason, efficient and good return solutions are important. With better and more accessible information about return solution will not only contribute to increased customer value and a competitive advantage, but also that the number of returns decreases. More consumers today return to online stores to deal with the buying process as simple. It is important to remember that the purchase is not over until the customer has decided to keep the item.

4 Tips for Succeeding at Online Shopping

Here we come with some tips on what you should think about to succeed with good return solutions.

1) Description of the return process

Make sure you have a simple and clearly available description of the return process in both the online store and the package. If you make it easier for the customer to send goods back, you can lower the threshold for the customer to choose to buy from you.

2) Relevant information

One of the two main reasons for returns today is about the lack of information about the product on the website. Therefore have clear descriptions, such as specifications and sizes of the product. Since the customer should also get enough information to decide on a purchase and choose the right product and size, it is important to also have pictures of the product. Preferably from several angles. The customer will then be less likely to return the product because it did not meet their expectations.

3) Easy return

Feel free to attach a completed return label and packaging that can be used for return. However, a simple return does not mean a free return. Many online stores today attach return labels, but charge for the return.

4) Customer communication

Use the return process to maintain a dialogue with the customer and update them with information throughout the return process. Once you have received the item, it is important to also be quick to credit the customer the amount back.

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