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Hvorfor velge Magento som plattform!

Why choose Magento as your platform!

Are you planning to start your own online store or upgrade your established to something more modern? On the market today, there are several different platforms you can build your online store with. Nevertheless, the choice of which platform to choose will depend on, among other things;

  • whether you are a start-up or established company
  • small or large business
  • small budget or large budget
  • you want to focus only on the Norwegian market or if you want to invest internationally.

In addition, you need to decide whether to choose an open source external platform or develop one yourself. For those of you who are either going to start a new online store or update to something more modern, an online store platform with open source code is a good starting point. The largest and most reputable open source online shopping platform in the world is without a doubt Magento.

What is Magento?

It is estimated that 25% of the world’s online stores use Magento as a platform, and it has become a very popular platform among users to create an online store. It is not without reason that Magento has become so popular. Magento has huge advantages such as several different functions, ease of use and dynamic properties that have made their platform stand out. For various online stores that deal with selling a number of different products, Magento is an ideal solution for driving traffic and having a successful online store.

Benefits of Magento

  • Many different modules

Magento has many different themes, modules and extensions that also come with a number of features that make the user experience even better. Because there is a lot of functionality integrated in the platform, you get the foundation for a solid online store.

  • Responsive design

After Google in 2015 introduced a number of new factors to give users of their search engine a better experience, Implementing response design has become an important need to reach customers. A responsive design contributes to several benefits for your online store. This includes, among other things, the website’s ranking in the search engine, adapted to any screen size (mobile, tablet and desktop) and improves the loading time of your website. If you want to succeed in online shopping today, it is a “must” to have a website with a responsive design.

  • Marketing and Promotions

Magento has several different tools that allow you to strengthen your marketing strategy. For example, you can include newsletters and email marketing to inform and sell products to your customers. In addition, Magento has features such as coupons, discounts, related products, product reviews, sales and more sales and many others integrated into the platform. All of these tools and features will help make your online store unique and competitive.

  • Payment and order

An advantage of Magento is that you have the option to add a “one page checkout”, ie that the payment at checkout takes place in one and the same step. In addition to allowing your customers to complete the entire payment process on one page, they can also go back and change information at any time without dropping out of the process. Your customers will also be encouraged to create a customer account to more easily obtain benefits later. It gives you as an owner of the online store an advantage that you can store individual information about the customer that you can use in marketing and customer care.

Do you want to start your own online store or update your existing one? Get in touch and we’ll help you get started.

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