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Julehandel på nett - slik forbereder du deg

Christmas shopping online – how to prepare

We are in the beginning of November, and many are already well underway with this year’s Christmas shopping. In recent years, it has become more and more popular to shop for Christmas gifts online. In fact, for many, Christmas shopping starts as early as October. Still, if you have not yet prepared your online store, it is not too late. With good preparation for Christmas shopping, it can lead to increased opportunities for good earnings and sales in your online store.

How to optimize your online store before Christmas.

Online shopping in Norway has increased drastically in recent years, and the number of online stores is constantly increasing. It is therefore important to lay out a good strategy in advance of the Christmas sale, so that it is exactly your store that the Christmas shops choose. Below we have our 5 best tips and tricks on how to optimize your online store for Christmas shopping.

1) Start preparation early

For many, Christmas shopping begins in October. In addition, many people use Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday when shopping for Christmas gifts. Therefore, each early on in creating a good strategy for marketing activities that include social media, nyhetsbrev , advertising, remarketing etc. In addition it would be wise to focus on content and inbound marketing. You’ll more easily attract potential buyers if the content is of interest to your customers.

2) Christmas Gift Categories

Many people are unsure of what to buy for Christmas gifts and are looking for inspiration. Therefore, create clear Christmas gift categories adapted to different target groups to help your customers. Here you can create categories such as «bestsellers», «To Mother» «To brother» etc. In addition, you can also create ready-made Christmas gift package sets that will make it easier for your customers.

3) Delivery Terms

Many people want to know which delivery terms online stores use before Christmas. Therefore, clarify information about shipping prices and delivery methods your customers can choose from, before checkout. Here it is also important to make it clear that they, for example, must order no later than 16 December to receive the gift before Christmas. The gifts must arrive before Christmas. In addition, you may want to have visible exchange and return terms for your customers, and here you can, for example, offer a free right of return and a longer right of withdrawal than you usually do.

4) Christmas Calendar

To create publicity and engage your customers, you can create a Christmas calendar with great promotions and offers. Then you can launch different day offers every day until Christmas Eve. In addition, you can have a Christmas calendar on social media, where you draw a winner of a selected product every day.

5) Each available

Christmas Eve is a stressful time. Therefore, try to always each available to your customers, and in as many channels as possible. Many people go to the purchase of Christmas gifts they have little knowledge of, and may need help and guidance during the trade. In addition, remember to be available after Christmas Eve.

Need help optimizing your online store before Christmas shopping? Get in touch and we will help you optimize your online store.

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